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How to find a 620's current value?


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Hello fellow Ratsuns, 

I have a '78 King Cab 620 with around 80k miles, it's in fair shape and is part of a Family Trust Estate. Eventually, we will need to find the value of the truck such that it can be included in the value of the estate.


I have been checking, as best I can, to find the value. It ranges from $500 to that being just the down payment or deposit. I know there is a market for this little truck because soooo many guys have asked me if I want to sell it. How do I go about getting an accurate idea of it's value?


Greatly appreciate your insight, Daddio.  

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Value of anything is largely dependent on condition. Rarity and originality are two huge considerations as well. This truck is not rare, but if it is in good original condition with original paint (or a good respray) and hasn't been hacked into like so many Datsuns, it could be quite valuable.


For argument's sake, if it is original down to the hubcaps and smog pump, the body is straight and the paint is good (I say goo, meaning it could have tons of scratches and maybe a few dings, but ooze character), it runs and drives with a good service history, as well as being driven on a regular basis (not sitting for ten years), it could be worth $5000-$7000, or more.


If it has had an engine rebuild or trans rebuild, or any of the major systems rebuilt, this can be good or bad, depending on who did the work and to what level of detail.


If it is not running or driving, has dents and leaks in the weatherstripping, rust, etc, it could just be "enthusiast" value.


If it won't even move because it's missing pieces or the brakes are rusted, engine doesn't crank or partially disassembled, it's worth basically scrap value.


Read this to determine the condition and then figure out which bracket your truck fits in. This may help decide on a value. - https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/how-much-is-my-car-worth/


For what it's worth, insurance companies (and other entities that evaluate a car's worth) haven't caught on to the Japanese classic car movement yet, so if you go that route...it's better to not go that route.



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The odometer only goes to 99,999 and then turns over to 00,000 again. It would help if you have some sort of provenance such are tune up or repair bills that support the mileage you indicate. Sometimes the wear on floor carpet, brake pedal and driver's seat will support the claim. Have you owned it since new? if not how long?


Research similar condition trucks sold in the last few years in your area.


Post some pictures of the outside, inside and engine bay. 

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I appreciate this forum so much! Three replies in less than an hour.   


A few details: Yes, original family ownership. Was my Dad's, passed, through the trust, down to me. When I took it over in 2010, it had 28K original miles. Dad liked power steering, being he was in his 80s, and this little truck didn't have it. He mostly used it to drive junk to the dump, three or four times a year.  I've put on the rest of the miles.


Has a new carb as the old one rotted out from ethanol tainted gas. New muffler as the old one exploded from a backfire, because of gas leaking through the carb. The shop that installed the new carb ripped out all the old, useless, emissions control hardware. The block and pistons are original.  Tranny is in good shape. New radiator as the old one gave up. Every other replaceable part has been replaced (starter, coil, alternator,  hoses, plugs,  pumps, reservoirs, etc.), Paint is the old industrial orange with 42 years of regular age.  Windshield has some wear from many, many wipers and a fair amount of gravel thrown on it over the years. The driver's seat upholstery is wearing out and the seat inclination ratchet needs work, broken tooth or two. Dad installed a CB radio in the forward part of the console and some of the trim is showing it's age. No injuries or MVAs.  It's been a faithful part of the family since new. 


Probably what you would refer to as an enthusiasts truck. Whatever that means. It's far from cherry but it's still got a lot of solid miles left in it.  


When it's not raining and grey outside, as it is now, I will get some pictures. Thank you everyone. Daddio   

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9 hours ago, Daddio said:

Jeeze! Smog stuff needed to sell a 1978 truck in California. Just another example of legislators making rules about stuff they know nothing about. Your tax dollars at work. 

Fortunately, I'm in Oregon. Yay!

It's about money and lobbyists. SEMA helps keep these old cars and trucks on the road, others too, but ultimately, they can't defeat the lobbyists.

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On 3/8/2020 at 3:11 PM, Daddio said:

Probably what you would refer to as an enthusiasts truck. Whatever that means. It's far from cherry but it's still got a lot of solid miles left in it.  


When it's not raining and grey outside, as it is now, I will get some pictures. Thank you everyone. Daddio   

Enthusiast vehicles are ones that are good starting points for mods, upgrades or restoration.


Pics, pics, pics...

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