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Ignition coil


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hello. I recently ordered a new ignition coil for my 74 Datsun 620. I wasn’t getting a spark from the old one and the old coil was completely burnt inside. I ordered this one on rock auto said oem with resistor. Now I have no idea how to wire this one up. Has anyone had this problem before or know how to wire it? Should I cut my losses and just find a better one. Help please. 

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Negative side goes to the distributor. Positive side to the ballast resistor/start signal.


You could just remove one wire at a time and transplant the new one in.


I suspect you have already taken the old one out. You may have to slice away any coverings on the ignition coil wiring to see where they go.


Black/White (stripe) wire from the main harness to one side of the ballast resistor.

There should be a short Black/White wire from the other side of the ballast to the + or positive marked side of the coil.

Also from the main harness there should be a Black/Red wire to the + or positive side of the coil. So two wires to the + side.

There should be a Black wire from the - or negative side of the coil to the distributor.

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Very rare. Much much less than those wizz bang after market ones. More have been 'blown up' by people putting in ER distributors and using their points coils. When I see someone saying they replaced their plugs wires and the coil I just shake my head for fixing something not broken and putting in an inferior part. Offer me ANY after market coil even those cute red ones that say flamethrower, and I'll still take one off an old Datsun in the wrecking yard.

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