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1981 720 wiring issues

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How’s it going  
I recently got a 81’ 720 4wd .

guy I got it from put a flatbed on it , has sat on his ranch for several years I got it home . Truck has no tail lights , brake lights . Signals, heater . Anything ... headlights work on and off , it doesn’t seem to be a wiring nightmare but any input on this and what It could be would be really appreciated. Also if anyone has a picture of the fuse block inside the cab I would greatly appreciate it . Mine is labeled with number 1- so on . But doesn’t list what fuse  is what . If anyone know which fuse controls what 

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Top Posters In This Topic

1  ignition coil exhaust side

2  ignition coil intake side, fuel pump auto choke, idle cut

3  rear window defog if equipped

4  fuel and temp gauge, tach, turn signal, bak up lights,

6  wipers, air con

7 radio, cigar lighter

8  clock

10  blower motor

11  horn

12  brake and 4 way hazard lights

13  tail, licence, marker and interior lights

14  LH headlights

15  RH headlights

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