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What cam is this?


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I need help identifying the cam in my 510.


The engine is an L16 with some significant work done to it.


Here are the specs:

.450” lift, 274 duration, IO-31 BTDC, IC-63 ATDC, EO-67 BTDC, EC-27 ATDC (222 duration, IO-5 BTDC, IC-36 ATDC, EO-30 BTDC, EC-1 ATDC, @ 0.050” lift) Valve lash is 0.008”, Exhaust 0.010” cold. Good to 7000 RPM.


The specs are from the data sheet for the cam that came with the car. The spec sheet has no branding on it and is very generic.


The cam itself is not a regrind, it is apparently a new casting/forging as there are no weld or lobe-side grinding marks on it. The only identifying information visible on the cam itself is the word "Japan" and the number "210" cast into it.


Thanks for the help!


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46 minutes ago, Metzman510 said:

No mark on the end opposite the cam gear. Can't see anything under the cam gear, cause it's in the engine and I don't want to pull the gear...


Nice regrind job.

The mark is probably under the pulley, that's where I've seen it...

I had a regrind done a few years back, just by looks you couldnt tell it was done... 


You could probably slip the cam gear off for a look if you really wanted some day... would probably only take a half hour or so.... 

Just block the chain so you dont loose the tensioner..... 

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40 minutes ago, wayno said:

Are not the markings on the rear of the cam, here is one I have with lash pads that go with it.


Guess I'm wrong on the markings.... maybe I had it backwards....

Or it depends on who did it where they mark it... I'm going to see if I can find my cam pick ....

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Yup mine was marked on the pulley end.... so just depends on where they feel like putting it that day.... 




The picture had me concerned when I saw it... that dowel pin looks like its barely sticking out..... I know it's the camera angle being straight on but it got me for a second.....

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Stock is 0.413" on an L20B cam.


Measure across the narrowest part of the cam and not on the lobe.  A stock cam will be 33.09mm or near this, much less and the base circle has been ground down to produce the extra lift. The 222 duration is likely the stock 248 but measured at the 0.050" lift every one else uses. Nissan says 248 but does not specify a lift.

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