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Start of an old project


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So about 13 yrs ago i got a datsun pickup for my 8th bday. I was told it was 71 510 pickup i recently found out that it has z22 block l20 head. How do i know if the pistons are ka24 to make the lz23 build? Also if anyone knows the thread pitch to z22 oil pan hardware? 
thanks for any info in advance


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The truck was a 520 or 521. There should be a build date on the driver's door jam.


Look on the top edge of the block just below he head and above the starter.  Z series will be blank but an L series will say L16/18 or L20B stamped right there on a flat boss. Like this...



The Z series block ID is on the other side top of block below the two center exhaust pipes and near impossible to get at. If there is nothing stamped above the starter it can be assumed that it really is a Z series engine.


KA24E pistons are 89mm or 2mm larger than the Z22 and 4mm larger than an L20B pistons.  They are almost flat on top with a 2.8cc 'dish'. Here are mine...



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Thank you for the input I’ll take a look and see what i can find. Will keep you updated. Me personally i dont care what motor is in it. My dad n i put it together when i was 8 yrs old (my dad mostly) and only heard it run twice so far in 13 yrs of owning it so really focused on wanting to take this baby for a drive around my town.

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