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Idler Pulley Bracket for '78 620


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Greetings, fellow datsun truck owners.

I am new here, and believe I have combed through the existing 620

threads, and did not find a question like this. So I have done some research.

I have a problem here trying to figure out how to attach

the idler pulley for the air pump.

I have the haynes manual, but it is not real clear.

I also have looked at the carpartsmanual.com

It shows the part, just not where it attaches to the block.

I am hoping someone may have a picture of the fan belts and

the pulley system for a LB20.

Here is the blue idler pulley in the approximate location I believe it goes.

Perhaps I am missing a bracket of some kind?

Whatever you can do to help this noob, would be greatly appreciated!

I have learned alot by reading many of the past threads, and really like the culture here!





Idler Pulley.JPG


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Part 20 bolts to the block beneath the distributor.

Pump to the top hole on 20 using the long bolt.

Bracket 28 to the top and bottom holes on the front of 20 and to the other bolt hole on the pump to lock is solidly in place.

Tensioner 33, probably also goes onto these two holes on 20

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Thanks, DatZen Mike!

I am not quite used to these drawings, but I do see that bracket 28

may be what I am after,

along with the supporting hardware,

Thanks for getting me to look closer at the drawing. I am gonna take off the air pump and see whats what down there! I will follow up with better picture once I get it on there!


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