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New late model 521 tail lights. *\^-^/*


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So a friend of my 3d prints stuff. And he is pretty damn good. Soon these will be availible for everyone. New tail light buckets also soon to come are red brake light covers and clear reverse covers.

The only thing you will be needing is your old tail light frames and ruber to seal.


Here is the first stage bucket next to an oem. Thoughts are in the air about changing the socket style.


49598295353_e80cb74d51_h.jpgFB_IMG_1582956237677 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

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1 hour ago, mainer311 said:

3D prints are porous. Are these just templates for actual molded plastic, or is he selling the actual 3D prints? What material are they printed in? They’ll have water in them in no time.

I've been following on the 520/521 facebook group - he is using an expensive lazer to take 3d scans of parts that konig209 sent him, and then is 3d printing them. 

I also sent  Jake, the same guy doing the 3d printing stuff, a 521 heater control lever to remake and the left and right dash vents for 521s, and ther eare some other things that he is working on as well. 

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On 2/29/2020 at 11:08 AM, mainer311 said:

The problem is that 3D prints aren’t very structural. You can make them be, but in raw form they break apart. We’ve tried printing vacuum fixtures with them and even with acetone, we can’t get them to hold any pressure.

Other problem I see hear is the chrome reflecters in the light housing themselves. A+ for effort, and people need them that's for sure. Glad mine are brand new. 

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It's still my opinion that if you're going through all the work, then designing new housings would be the way to go, with new bulb holders using something more modern and accessible, or LEDs on PCBs.  Make them mount the same as original & produce high quality original lenses.  Like a modern engine swap for your tail lights.

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It's a great start. There are a lot of other filament types available. I agree with modifying them for a different bulb, or offer two types. I don't have a 521, so I'm just a spectator here.

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