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P411 Carpet compatibility


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Hello all

How compatible are the moulded carpet sets of a P411 and an early 510? Thinking it might be cheaper to get a moulded 510 and do some trimming rather than buy a readymade 411 set from stockinteriors and ship to Australia.


Any advice greatly appreciated.





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I’ve added carpet to my 521 with a kit. It has multiple pieces, some have no finished edges that are glued down and pieces with finished edges that overlap and also glued down.  I will likely do something similar in my 411, order carpet. Cut, figure and layout my pieces and the ones that will need finished edges take to an upholster to add the edge. 

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If all else fails I'll try making a template of the floor and cut out the pieces then have them bound. I'm not too keen on gluing, maybe Velcro or something similar might be the go. My local hardware store has marine carpet for sale which seems quite pliable. I might start there If I can find a reasonable colour match.


Thank you for all your advice.



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Your 411 has snap fasteners welded on to the floor steel.  Upholstery shops should be able to provide matching ring type fasteners to mate with these attach  pints.  If worse comes to worse, the  JCWhitney catalog has these fasteners.  You snap the upper units to the floor ones, press the carpet onto them and then apply a ring fastener to the protruding barbs.  If the original floor mounts have been removed, they are also available.

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I don't know if the shipping to AUS would be an issue, but I bought a kit from Stock Interiors for my 411 wagon and am happy with the fit. Would be the same for the sedan. I actually corresponded with them about a few details on the rear portion of the kit, and I believe they improved their pattern in response.


I ended up putting the front half of the kit in my wife's 520 pickup, and it fits the contours fine there, but is about an inch or so too narrow on both sides. Which makes sense, given that the trucks are wider. Still, it is much better than nothing in the truck.


I'm getting the wagon on the road, again, and am planning to buy another set from Stock Interiors so I don't have to steal the 520's carpet back.





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