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521 Door Dome Light switch adaptation


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This is a trivial thing certainly but I've wanted to modify my 1972 521 to have switches in the door frames to activate the little dome light in the cab.

I've seen what appears to be mount points in the door frame for switches but these were never implemented at the factory. Could those used for 510 or 240z cars

of the that same time frame be mounted and associated wiring done to accomplish this function?


Has anyone done this? if so any tips? I realize that dome or cab light is pretty anemic but would still be nice to have it come on when it's pitch black out.



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Yes, it has been done. 

I believe the same switch as the under hood light is used. 

You have to run a second wire from the dome light back to the switch in the door post, because the dome light is always supplied with power, and is switched on by grounding the light.


If your dome light cover is yellowed, a plastic polish will remove the yellow. 

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Yup, my 72 521 has the door jamb switch holes.  These holes were very likely the same as the 510 & Z car................Japanese typically did not re-engineer stuff!  I bet you can follow the 510 or Z car wiring schematic to wire up the 521........?

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An LED bulb could help the brightness situation. You can even get nice "warm" white LED's that aren't that horrible blue color.


I always thought my dome light was broken because it didn't come on when the door was opened, but now I guess I understand why. 

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9 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

I dont like that style but it seems to be what they sell for it....

They rely on bare metal to make contact to ground.... I would prefer something with a dedicated ground wire.... 

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