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Warped Cylinder head


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I am trying to find a shop that will actually straighten an aluminum head. All the shops only mill the surface and in my case of a Z24 head, line bore the cam bearings. In my opinion, this is not good enough. I have heard all the arguments that a head cannot be straighten but I don't agree. I ran a Z Car shop for over 20 years and on those heads with removable cam towers, I would occasionally have both top and bottom milled and this did not put the cam bores out of line. There was available shims for the towers to correct the geometry somewhat but that is not the case in the case of the Z24 head where the cam bearings are integral with the head. I want to find someone that will bolt the head to a plate and put it into an oven.

I know what I want and don't need any comments that "it will be OK to just go with the crowd on just milling it straight.

If anyone knows of a machine shop that can do this job reliably, I would appreciate a referral.

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I have seen shops heat a head to 500 degrees, put them in a press, and push them back.

The flat plate thing doesn't work that well, as all metal will spring back a little,

so it has to be pushed past strait, to get it to end up strait when everything is released & cooled.

Simple operation for someone with experience, but you shouldn't have someone without to attempt it.

Sorry, don't remember what shop was doing it.

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If it's really warped, rather than just high in the middle, the cam won't turn or with extreme effort. If the cam spins freely bending the high spot out will bind it. So without the rockers in the way, does the cam spin now or not???


I had a head last fall that you could fit a 0.015" feeler gauge under a straight edge. Cam turned perfectly so head not warped just puckered up in the middle.

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