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carburetor fuel leak


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I'm back with my fuel leak problem. I noticed a potential problem on the carburetor which can be seen on the following picture :




do you think it is possible to repair with the following repair kit and do you think I still can drive like that ?





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Possibly but unless gas is being pushed out I wouldn't think so. Carburetors mix fuel and air... there's lots of places fumes can get out. There is often a gas smell on start up because the choke is on. The block vent pipe may be off or PCV not working.

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I didn't try to start the engine as I was alone and still learning more or less everything... I noticed that the bellows and everything underneath it was greasy or wet, that's why I thought it could be related to the smell.


You're right, I'll take the rebuild kit anyway. It will help now or later.

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