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Someone has messed with the wiring. I assume that somewhere in the trunk there will be a chassis wiring harness that plugs into the tail light harness. Find the two turn signal wires and reverse them. If there is just one harness you'll have to follow it forward to the next connector, maybe under the rear seats? and push out the two signal wire pins and reverse them.

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12 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

how was this car driven over there and noone noticed?


My 510 was this way when the guy reran the wires.

69 was on one side and the later 71s on the other side so he just assumed the closest side was the correct side in the rear.


I just unplugged and reversed them.

She has been in a static collection for 8 years but good question. Thanks. I will have a look at the weekend.

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I don't know if I mentioned this but now that you're driving it you should use an oil high in ZDDP. It's a zinc anti scuff additive that prevents wear specially on our cam to rocker contacts. Most engines today use roller cams and don't need it and it's harmful to the latest catalytic converters so oil makers have reduced the content by at least half. I'm using Shell Rotella T4 15 W40 but only drive in the summer. I see that 10W30 is also available. Chevron Delo 400 is also good but there are others. Cam/rocker wear is not immediate but accumulative, once worn and damaged they need replacement..... a difficult and expensive job that can easily be prevented by simply using the correct oil.

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