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Fault Diagnosis


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Couple of quick updates first. Fitted some stainless steel wiper blades this weekend which look much better. Also cleaned the badly corroded fuse box with my dremel and replaced the fuses. Looks much better now. Has anyone ever experienced their front left indicator working but in sync with their right rear and visa versa ?. Wondered if it was a simple issue to fix or needs a deeper investigation ?.rwC8MBJ.jpgPpLB9bB.jpgAXTmEl2.jpg

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10 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

LIke I said before. If this car was redone and he maybe was in a hurry to finnish this and hooked the lights up in back wrong. Meaning the wire harness is good he just routed it to the wrong side.


If left front and right rear this is most likely the proplem


510s are really simple cars.  don't make this harder than it is

noted. thanks.

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