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Nissan J Series Engines


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It is interesting that the Nissan J Series Engines has commonality to the BMC (British Motor Corporation) B- Series engines.  BMC, along with other manufacturers,  supported the rebuild of the Japanese auto industry by sharing design and technology.


A good summary of the history of the BMC B- Series engines can be found at https://web.archive.org/web/20070311055719if_/http://www.austin-rover.co.uk:80/index.htm?enginebseriesf.htm.


Personally, I have had to use several BMC B- Series engine parts to rebuild my J13.  Please add your knowledge/experience of the BMC B- Series engines to this thread.


We must not let the J series engine become extinct!!!


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I have used the following B series engine parts on a J13


Rocker arm shaft

Rocker arm stand

Rocker arm bushings

Lifter cover gasket

Aluminum valve cover/gasket

Single DCOE intake manifold

Patriot brand header


I also used some transmission parts/gaskets for the late 320/early 520 floor shift smooth case 4 speed

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I wrote this up to replace the Datsun 320 E1 distributor, but it also applies to the J series engines, the thread on here doesn't have any photos anymore for some reason, so here is a thread that has all the photos, it describes how to use a Matchbox distributor with the 320 drive hardware, and how MG Midget and MGB electronic ignition distributors bolt right into the E1/J13/J15 engines, and there are positive ground and negative ground versions.



I also made a plate to put a 720 5 speed on a E1/J13/15 engine.



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In or around '53? Nissan entered into an arrangement with Austin of Great Britain to build their cars using all imported parts supplied by Austin but with the promise to be making 100% of the parts and assembly by mid '50, which Nissan did. This gave Nissan access to patents and blueprints and in Japanese fashion they improved them and began making their own engines. If you have ever wondered why all Nissans use a British Pipe Thread for the oil pressure senders? this is why. And why some MG parts will swap to the J series engines. 

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