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510 Centre Console


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Hi Guys,


I've seen lots of pictures of 510 interiors, many with and as many without centre consoles.


Is it a difficult item to locate, does anyone make aftermarket centre consoles and do any other datsun models (S30 for example) have a centre console that can be adapted to fit..?


What have you guys all done?


1st pic below is the sort of image I've seen around (taken from another thread on this site) the second image is the interior of my car due soon with no console, thanks.





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There was a company here in the States called AMCO that made accessories that were available at the dealer.  They made roof racks, consoles, and other accessories.


I bought and spent a lot of time refurbishing an AMCO console for my wagon, but ultimately decided to not use it.  It was really cheap and flimsy, and after 45+ plus years, the plastic gets very hard and brittle.  It looked okay, but it was really cheap and felt like it was going to fall apart.



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I've got the same AMCO center console which is in need of a refurb. Can confirm, they are old and brittle, but I'm going to try to get it repaired and in good shape again. It fits nice and the cushion makes for a really comfortable arm rest. Coupe console would be better, but good lord.. $$$

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I have a 1st gen Jetta/Golf 3 gauge center console in my 71 510 wagon.  It doesn't have an arm rest or anything, though I am confident I can pull a junkyard part and make it work well.



There is at least one person who has installed a late model Mini Cooper center console.  It likely took a fair amount of work but it looked pretty good when they were done. 


I found a like to some pics of the car.  check out the interior to see the mini console.



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I have a console I got 20 + years ago out of a 240Z, It will need some love but I haven't gotten to it yet. It sitting on the other 65 Baracudda right now. My guess is totaled some measurements when you get your car and search the junkyards to see what may work for you. You still may have to paint it to match your interior. Good luck.

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6 hours ago, BrandonS said:

There are also the JDM consoles, but they can be pricey to be had.  



That looks quite similar to a 260Z console, I wonder if they can be made to fit...?


This was my old Z interior








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16 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

I think I still have one of those consoles floating around here somewhere. I saw it in the attic about five years ago.

Which..? The Amco ones...let me know if you do, I'm interested, thanks.

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You could always make a custom one to your liking.  There are numerous Youtubes of people doing them.  Not too difficult a job, and you will have the exact one you want.  Just a suggestion.

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All I want is a center armrest to share with wife for the weekend fun drives. Anyone have seen a good one that is high enough to rest an elbow on? Stock 510 seats. Picture of where my gear shift lever is - it's way back. I was thinking something like 12" long, 5.5" wide and maybe 8"-10" tall.



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11 hours ago, edekalil said:

Here are two I found today in the garage and an automatic one the middle one is from a 240 z it will need some work.



The middle unit would have the armrest too far back it think. I guess it depends on how far back your seat is. The top one looks like it would line up about right for your arm. 

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My vote is: Mock it up and build one.  It's going to be exactly what you want from the beginning and you'll have the satisfaction of the project.  Really not very hard. 

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