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'69 521 project


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7 hours ago, Jstocks said:

No one makes an adjustable upper control arm?

There must be a lot to out there to allow a more modern set up. 


I'm thinking of making the shock tower a little taller so I can run an air shock in the front as well and a heavy duty bump stop of course, I'm not worried about power steering at all.


The upper control arm outer bushings are hammered out so I have some new ones, the bolts are also toast I think. 


The front drums are in rough shape, I'm going to pull them tomorrow and sand blast them in hopes of reuse. The front wheel bearings are also messed up, I hope I can find some new ones. 




Watch out with the front inner wheel bearing.. unless something changed the inner sold on sights like rock auto, autozone, among others are actually wrong ....


Best to check the numbers on the bearing.... I believe it's a 32kb02....

They also have the 32kb02-11b which is for the 620.... it can be used but you have to remove a spacer from the spindle then you need a thin spacer ....

Mikeklotz was making them, not sure if he still is .... I snagged a set for the furture....

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If you buy one of Mike Kltz's brake kits it will set you up with 720 hubs and bearings.








You will need to source hubs, calipers and rotors.  I probably have a sey of hubs or Mike Klotz might have hubs also.  The calipers I would get remanufactured and the rotors you buy new.


Or the Beebani kit.



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