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Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders - do good ones exist?


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Datsun 521 - Stock Equipment (to start)

I've had to replace my master cylinders twice since I got the truck 8 years ago. This is insane. I know what you mostly see is made in china. But even parts from O'rillies and Napa seem to be crap. And I had a wheel cylinder from Rock Auto literally break on me causing me to loose breaks (Thank god I fixed the E-Break). Is there a brand that seems to last better? I'm getting annoyed by crap quality.


Any help would be fantastic.

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It's all our fault for buying the cheapest cost parts. There's a market for crap so the industry provides it. The ones that make quality parts fold up or do something else. Buy only Made In Japan parts when you can.











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vids too long to listen too.



Made in Japan if possible otherwise your at your own risk.

I get about 5 yrs on a daily driver 521 on masters. and wheels cylinders about 8 yrs on the rear.  My fronts are still stock. If Japan you wont change them again in your a long time. most likely truck will be gone.

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Cliff Notes:  Buying cheap parts leads to even more cheaper parts by corrupt Chinese makers, it is bad and will get worse until planes fall out of the skies. 


I recently replaced my clutch slave and the 'rubber' seal was shiny and felt like RTV it was so soft. It ain't gonna last. Real seals look and feel like tire rubber and last for 100,000 miles or more.  Didn't have time to mess with them so bought a 'new' one. Going to pull one of the spares I have apart and compare. I could carve a better seal from an old tire.

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Recently I bought ball joints from Rockauto - Mevotech for $19 each - not sure why I picked that brand in their daily driver category. They were cheap and did not fit.


Then I ordered Sankei 555 ball joints, made in Japan and they are way better casting and quality - but $55 each.

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7 minutes ago, thisismatt said:



These may have been rebuilt on an exchange basis. The last slave I bought I took apart and lubed with brake fluid and to check it was put together correctly and didn't have any debris inside This is when I found the shitty RTV seal. (well maybe not RTV but a very flimsy soft floppy gummy bear seal. A Nissan master would be 2 or 3 times that amount.


Yes again, good ball joints are over $50 for good ones. 

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