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Wheel they fit my 510 ?


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Will 14x7 ET +6 and 14x8 ET +0 PCD 4X114.3 fit my 510 SSS Coupe. Think they will but want to have it confirmed by the experts.


Can you also share your advice on what tyre sizes you would look to fit as I want to ensure I can source tyres too.




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Most ever was 9" wide but stars must align and sacrifice a chicken for this to happen. Eight inch is do-able but beyond most owners. Seven is much better and it's a 510 you don't need them that wide. Run 3/4" -1" narrower on the fronts to make the rears look wider.

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I would say pass, but it really depends on what you want to do with your car. They will fit nice if you want to run tons of camber and slam it.  If you want to run appropriately wide tires on them for their width and have a low, sporty suspension you will run into problems.  I've since gotten a few different wheels for mine because of these not being optimal for the direction I'm going.

This is a 14x7 +8 on the front of my coupe with a 175 stretched over it.  You 7" +6 would be about the same, but would technically stick +2mm out farther.


This is a 14x7.5 +1 on my Coupe with a 175 tire stretched over it.  An 8" 0-offset wheel would stick out 7mm more than this.  This is what stock 510's do when you lower them in the rear, they add tons of camber.  Generally, you'll want to fix this with some brackets that allow you to dial out camber.  If you do this though, you'd run into problems rubbing because the top of the wheel will come out as the bottom goes in.  You can see how close the tire is to the inner fender lip here.  With this setup I only had the option to run the tons of rear camber just to make the wheel fit.


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On 2/18/2020 at 10:02 AM, rosso said:

Here is a great website that allows you to compare two tire/wheel combinations at the same time to see how it affects rim placement/offset and tire clearance to suspension and fenders. I use it all the time.




You can enter the size from one of the posters here and then your sizes to compare.


Great site!!

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