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missing badges & flare


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I'm missing some parts on my 83 720 and wanted to see how available they are.  Haven't been to a junk yard yet, plan on it soon.  Need right front wheel flare, left and right fender badges, and left front parking/turn signal light.  I know which badge goes on the drivers side, but what fits on the passenger side.  See two holes but no shadow like the drivers side.  Guessing it is king cab or 4x4.  Wish I could submit pictures but the only option was inserting URL's and I don't know how to insert URL's.

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37 minutes ago, wivrrat said:

Why can't we post pictures like in the past without using URL's?  


You can still post with an img tag like before. Otherwise you'll need to upload to an image service and link here. Also instagram can be embedded somehow.

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Where is the option for uploading jpeg images.  Don't see anything but "insert image from URL" and if you click on edit, there's no option for attachment's other than a URL???.

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this forum does not host its own images.  While that has been discussed, it is not currently a thing.  You have to use a third party image hosting website.  Lots of guys seem to like Flikr.  Photobucket is pure garbage nowadays.  you can try postimage.io as well.


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