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78 B210 5speed clutch


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You will likely have to get a clutch kit, $50-$75 on Rockauto, I assume NAPA is similar.


I use the stock parts in the 1200 I race; even with the A15 that makes 99hp at the wheels and I never had clutch issues (other than when I mal-adjusted the MC push rod.....doh!)  

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On 2/12/2020 at 12:20 PM, zetabird said:

looks like at some point i am going to have to replace my clutch, are there any option other than a stock like replacement. i can get a kit from napa for faily cheap


Which 5 speed do you have? 78 I'm assuming the 63 dogleg.


You will need to make sure you get the 24 spline clutch (L series sizing) instead of the 18 spline (18 spline is later 60 series 5 speeds). I would also suggest looking for a clutch alignment tool that is specific as every clutch kit I've purchased for the dogleg seems to come with the wrong clutch alignment tool (shaft is the larger L series size).  Maybe they have fixed this by now.





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ill check that, i need to get it back into work so i can get under it anyway and change the fluid in the trans. got two of my new tires just need to order a wheel so i can get it fitted and see where i have to trim the wheel arch for the flares.

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