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replacing rims ?


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I've read many topics here but wasn't able to find the answer (or to understand it correctly ūüėĀ).


I'm thinking of replacing my stock 14" wheels by something bigger but I want it to be plug and play. I don't want to use spacers or to bore out the rims.


My 620 is full drums (1977). It is a little bit lowered (between 1 and 2 inches, no block in the back but a spring leaf was removed).


Am I right writing the following ?

620 Bolt pattern = 6x139.7 (or 6x5.5")

620 Thread Size = M12 x 1.25

620 Center bore = 3.6"

620 Offset = ?


Is it possible to find rims in 15, 16 or 17 inches directly plug and play ? Could someone show me a set that will fit ?


Thank you !



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Do you want steel wheels? Aluminum? Fancy or stock looking?


Soooooo many options.


I myself prefer a stock appearance, so I would recommend a 15x6" steel wheel from a  solid front axle Toyota pickup. The later IFS wheels had a different offset, but the ones that came on the solid front axle trucks are perfectly offset for a stock, but slightly modified appearance. Stock Chevy truck steel wheels may be a good fit too and you can get custom steel wheels in diameters all the way up to 20" from places like https://www.wheelvintiques.com/


These guys make some really cool steel wheels, but they are custom made to order and thus, pricey. https://detroitsteelwheel.com/

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To each their own, I don't like any of them myself, but I am a disc brake 620 stock steel wheel type guy, but most my Datsun 521 trucks have 521 rims on them right now with 620 stainless steel hubcaps except for the dually truck rear axles.


I like what you have right now a lot, but if I had no other choice and I had to pick from them 4 choices I would likely pick number 4.

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I don't like any of those wheels in your photos

I like stock myself  rims painted white or same colot as the truck nd a small white wall tire   or high end japanese wheels likeMrBigtanker has on his.. The Escalade whills look kinda cool also.


if anything use a stock GM steel rims with a chrome trim ring.

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Steel wheels don't detract from original styling. Aluminum wheels draw the eye.


I love the look of 17's on old truck, and these from Wheel Vintiques are close to original styling and will take a hubcap - https://www.wheelvintiques.com/wheelfinder?bolt_pattern=239&wheel_size=127&backspacing=48&finish=254

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9 hours ago, sebpv said:

type jdm 6x139.7 on ebay. You may find other wheels that better match our pickup trucks



I had not done that in a while and probably should not have seen this:





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