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Fuel pump


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Alright Datsun fam , I have a 77 620 and my truck stalled out again on the side of the freeway , and I have power my battery , I checked the plugs and I’m good , I checked the fuel filter and it shows it has fuel but I have a feeling it’s the fuel pump and I just installed a new one last yr , any tips of why it’s giving out so fast? And is it worth installing a electrical one? And any info on doing that

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I doubt you are still on the side of the road so.... next time it quits like that.... look at the sight glass in the front of the carburetor. If gas showing, it's not the pump.  If you eliminate lack of fuel delivery that leaves electrical.



How did you get going? Did it restart after cooling down??



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take output of the fuel pump point in safe direction and see if gas shoots out. If yes its good.


soon as this happens DIES, look inside the carb and see if gas shoots in the carb if yes then you know the carb is full. If not shooting this is a issue.

.If you got gas then ck for sperk by taking the center coil wire and place near ground and see if it sparks when trying to start the truck. If yes. YOUR fucked!!!!

If NO spark recheck your points and condenser wires ect,,,,, and evn dist shaft side to side bushing wear.


I had a cracked fuel line going in the fuel pump and it sucked air making the  pump look bad. I didn't notice till I had the old pump already out then said FUCK!!!!!!!!!


also if anything was changes we need to know. Some people put fancy IE COIL in there and it just cooks the points up or they pull the ballst resistor out. Point coil needs a ballast resisitor.

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