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1980 510 Brake Caliper Removal

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Hello! The 510 I just bought has brake rotors that are in very poor condition, so of course I want to replace them. I was reading the manual I have, and one of the steps just says "take off the brake calipers" which is normally easy enough, but not in this car I guess. I'm having trouble with the upper bolt. I can't get a wrench on it because the shocks get in the way, and a metal brake line runs in front of it so I can't get a socket on it. Is there something obvious I'm not seeing? Thanks. 


Here's a pic of what I'm working with:


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43 minutes ago, jagman said:

Try a swivel socket to get past the brake line or if you have an offset wrench set that might get you a firm grip on the bolt and miss the interference. 

I actually did manage to squeeze a slimmer wrench I had in and I could loosen it very slowly but surely, But I have a new problem now. The bolt is maybe halfway out and I can't fit the wrench between the brake line and the bolt. I had to bend it a bit to get it on in the first place, and if I want to get it off I'll need to bend it quite a bit more. Is it even ok to bend those things? I don't want to create more problems.

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