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@iceman510 Do it! Get her back on the road.

@]2eDeYe, the guides were still mint this time, I can’t explain what happened other than the Cloyes timing chain being junk. You can’t keep the audience in suspense about your solution....I think I have one too, but it’s pretty radical. 


I’ve been driving it for a couple of weeks now in this form. I’ll get some “completed” pics up soonish. 

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Here is the current setup. The air intake is temporary, and all of the fuel injection wiring is still in place, just bundled out of the way. 

It is a 79 L20b with a 280zx flywheel and clutch bolted to the KA24e transmission. I’m running a bypass fuel pressure regular for the Weber 38/38. I had to make a custom rear sump pan and carb spacer thing. The engine mounts needed tweaking, and I did up a distributor pedestal to use the stock 96 hardbody ignition. 

For being such a kluge, it works surprisingly well. 

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Long time no update.......


The old L20b was worn when I put it in, now it is worn out. The bores are all slopped out and would need machine work to be right. It sounds funny on 3 cylinders...


After I get a couple of things in order, there is a V shaped solution sitting on the engine stand in the garage. I’ll update when it gets interesting. 

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19 hours ago, EDM620 said:

and where's it at now?

Still in Arkansas. I thought that I was moving and sold it. He hit a speed bump and took out the oil pan. Last I heard he is rebuilding a KA for it. 

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