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510 Vented gas cap

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You may want to look in to converting to a modern fuel neck and use the modern gas cap. I believe Mazda and Ford are used for the conversion, but a quick google search for 510 fuel filler neck or some such should net you the info you need.

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On 1/30/2020 at 8:47 PM, vetteguy22 said:

I’ve been trying to find a vented gas cap for my 1971 Datsun 510. I was wondering if anyone has a part number for such a thing. I don’t seem to be having any luck.



I'm interested in what you find out since I have yet to work out the engine bay contraption vent system that I want to take off the wagon. I'll post anything I find out too.


This to get gone:


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Have not found any updated information about any caps available. Here is what I have - unnamed and with no identification at all.  Seriously lame looking too - but it's what I have. Appears to be non vented and has a bayonet mount. Rubber seal completely deteriorated.



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The flow guide vale (top) was replaced with a charcoal canister. In operation the fumes from the tank when they reached a certain pressure (from heat or evaporation) would be allowed past and stored in the crankcase when the engine is not running. Once running the stored fumes would be sucked into the intake by PCV vacuum. As the gas tank empties and a certain vacuum is reached, the flow guide opens and lets filtered air in from the air filter. For this to work a sealed gas cap is used.


Go to an auto wrecker and find a charcoal canister with 3 input pipes. Fuel tank vent, one to the intake and a purge signal connected to the vacuum advance.  Clean problem free, tank is vented and there are no mystery gas smells. Replace with a positive seal cap.



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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

Get a '70 Dodge Dart/Duster cap. Looks great and covers the opening nicely







BMW 2002 locking gas caps fit very well.  They habitually come chromed but occasionally turn up painted or primed.  I had a 2002 and used a Datsun 510 locking gas cap so reverse should work.

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There we go !! Good make and model for matching on ebay search. I did a quick look and there are locking ones too. Lots of Chrysler Corp models of same year vintage look available.


Anyone who buys one of these please post updates on here so we know which one you found.


And then Dmike, thanks, you can make a sticky somewhere.


EDIT: Better link to a duster model



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Added better ebay link
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