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found this forum while digging for info and parts on the b210 i picked up a little while ago, so far i had to put new tires on it and "fix" how the previous owner "fixed" the fuel tank. i pulled what was left of the bumpers off and fixed some of the issues with the motor. got alot i still want to do to the thing but i dont think im to bad for 400 total in the car so far


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yeah i hate links to, how do you  put the image in the post, i was trying to figure it out... im prolly just missing it. i have some sheet metal to fix the lower quarters when it warms up out . also want to lower it throw some bolt on flares on it and get a set of 15 inch areo wheels, the shop i work at on the weekends is a vendor and hes ordering me a set.

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i got the wiper pivot back on... now the drivers wiper arm dosent seam to go up far enough, dose anyone here know weather the linkage that goes from the driver to passenger arm go ontop of the passenger side pivot or the bottom?

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im going to have to take it all back a part to see whats going on. i had removed the center pivot because the plastic mount broke and i bolted the linkage together. the driver side are had mostly normal travel now it needs to go like 4 more inches... im not sure how i messed it up 

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On ‎1‎/‎29‎/‎2020 at 1:17 PM, zetabird said:

yeah one of the guys thought i added machine guns to the car.... i cant lie and say i didnt consider it. once i get some free time i have a hood scoop and chin spoiler to put on. 


Way back in the 1950s a friend of mine added a 12 gauge semi auto shotgun with wired trigger just behind the grill of his auto.  we talked him out of it !

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