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Where to find a good carb?

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Hello! I just bought my first Datsun a few days back. It was abandoned for a while so a lot of things are pretty rough, but it has potential for sure. One of the major areas of improvement I need to work on is the carburetor. The engine runs ok-ish, but I'd rather have something with a little more bite and a manual choke, I've never got those electric ones to work properly. I've gone to a few engine websites and ebay to find a carb, but I don't know which ones to look for / avoid. Is there a specific model / line of carbs I should be looking for? Thanks.  


oh right I almost forgot, I'm not quite sure which engine I have, the plate got messed up, but I do know that it's the 2 liter and it says Nissan Z on it, and it's a 1980. Thanks again! 

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Rebuild kits (a good one) is$30 $40 and easy enough to do as long as not in a hurry. Lots of clean space, a camera to show how it was taken apart, couple of screwdrivers, old tooth brush, needle nose pliers, 12mm box end wrench and some cans of carb cleaner. Expect a few hours to clean and assemble it. A good kit will have directions for setting the float level, vacuum break, choke and accelerator pump.


You can try to find one by placing an ad in the classified section... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/  ... but really you're getting someone else's problem carb and any unknown carb should be rebuilt anyway. You'll want an '80-'81 A10 Z20S carburetor.


You might entertain the idea of buying a new 32/36 Weber for around $300. There are a lot of knock off fakes out there so find out from someone here where to get the good ones. Pierce manifolds, I think. The kit includes everything needed for a direct replacement.

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