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Looking for my Dad's 620


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New to the forum, so apologies if this is the wrong place for this post...


It's a wild shot, but I'm trying to track down my Dad's 620, which he sold in Edgar, Montana sometime around 2001.  Tons of great memories in that little pickup, and I'd love to know where it ended up.


My grandpa owned it first, and by the time I can remember it was being used to hold up a sagging section of corral fence.  Dad bought it for $1 and a couple cedar posts.  Leaving that life of leisure, it saw a lot of hard use, including teaching my brother and I how to drive.  I can also confirm that it would hold five kids, as long as the third guy knew how to shift.  It left the fleet right around the time I got my license and Dad overheard my friend Mikey and I discussing how easy it would be to tub it and drop in a 460...a little overconfident in our skills and judgement both.


If I recall, it was a late 70s model (maybe 79?), white with a hockey stripe decal I haven't seen anywhere else.  Black vinyl bench and a manual.  Other distinctive mods included holes drilled in the floor to let the irrigating water drain out and a curved bumper from where I backed it into a tree.  I think it stayed in Montana, maybe somewhere in the northern part of the state.


I know that's not a ton to go on, and it's a long shot...but you all seem to be the experts.  I'm just hoping it survived the scrap steel boom that got my high school Comanche.

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If you're really serious about finding it, you can get the current vehicle owner info at DMV. I have a registration service that I employ to handle my vehicle registration needs and they have tracked down vehicles for me. I think it cost me $25 to find where my 1965 Austin Healey Sprite ended up (I bought the car back just recently). All you need is the VIN or a license plate number.

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