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Rebuilding a J13 top end?


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Hey guys, my wife's '66 520 has a pretty loud ticking noise coming from the #1 cylinder which I assume is a tappet that needs to be replaced. Additionally, there is a small amount of coolant in the oil around the #1 rocker shaft bracket, so I'm guessing a head gasket wouldn't hurt. I've adjusted the valves to 0.014" and the noise remains.


Unfortunately, some of the part numbers that I've found online for head gasket and tappets are long gone and no longer available to purchase. I know there are some parts that interchange between the MGB motors and the J13, but can't find anything for sure about head gasket or tappets - mostly a lot of people saying "a lot of parts interchange" with no details of the part numbers (at least not ones available to buy in 2020). I don't want to tear the motor apart and immobilize the vehicle just to get a look at the gasket and hope I can find a replacement, my wife wouldn't be so happy about that. 

Does anyone know the part number of anything that might work in the J13 for a head gasket or tappets (or any other top end parts, honestly) and is still available somewhere?

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It has a solid lifter and the rocker arm has an adjustment for correct clearance between it and the push rod. wayno should know the intake and exhaust valve clearances for these.


0.014 seems a bit too much.


The Nissan head gasket is 11044-13200. Maybe this can be used co cross reference another maker.


The thermostat housing is near the #1 and may be leaking. Loose hose? Don't take the head off unless you are sure.

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The noise you hear is probably due to worn out rocker arm bushings and the rocker shaft itself. When I rebuilt my J13 head, the MGB rocker shaft was a direct fit and the rocker bushings fit but need to be reamed for clearance. When done, the top end was pretty quiet. Couple other notes, any competent machine shop should be able to do bronze liners for the valve guides if they are worn (don’t let them knurl them) and if needed you can  probably get the lifters reground by a place that regrinds cams, like Colt or Delta. Gasket sets pop up from time to time.

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Can anyone who's done the head gasket before tell me if the Beck/Arnley 035-0751 head gasket looks to be correct for the 520 J13? It seems to look different (different water cut-outs) than some of the full gasket set ones I've seen pictures of but maybe it's fine?

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Should be able to get what you need from these guys; Nissan fork-lift parts. I highly recommend their valve seals. The seals have a brass body that presses down onto the top of the valve guide and lip seal with spiral spring tension for the valve stem. seems like they were $150-$2.00 each and well worth it. I found NOS guides & valves on Ebay.




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Per 60Patrol forum"

"MotorPower Inc is no longer operating and has been bought by Grindstaff Engines. The MotorPower website is still up but they do not have control of it, the owner died last year and they bought the business but cannot gain control of the website. Just spoke with Rick Grindstaff and he has some of the info on the PPU engine parts but they do not show on his site. I have also been looking at Tiffen Parts. Looks like both are about the same price. Tiffen gives the actual Nissan Part numbers and the Motor Power site shows a made up internal part number."


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On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 10:16 AM, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Ive built a few B series BMC engines, but never had a J series apart. I would love the opportunity to have both of them to compare.


My then son in law was rebuilding an MGTD and could not find in his locality a head gasket. On my advice he used a Datsun J13 head gasket.  fit like a glove.

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