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Dads 620 resto


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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm pretty please with the results so far. Really only need to fix up the tray now.

This is now 5 months along. I chose orange because it was my Dads favourite colour.

All work done in my garage. Anything I couldn't buy I made by hand. like scuff plates.


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Just putting some finishing touches to the ute. Refurbed the guard/fender badges and grille badge. 

Cut back the tray paint with 800 grit wet and dry, then went over with 1500 and finished with 2000. 

Really like the smooth finish without orange peel. Also I'm not the best painted so I figured that flattening the paint would hide my lack of skill with a spray gun.










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Just added mudflaps and drivers mirror. Mirror is a bullet style but had to fab up a new stem as the original was too short and didn't set the mirror head at the right height.

Used 2 pieces of scrap steel and shaped and welded them into a workable stem. Can't Chrome plate it so just sprayed it silver.

I believe the mudflaps are the originals fitted in 1976.





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  • 2 months later...

Well all the hard work has paid off. Got the Datsun registered with no problems.

The 620 passed inspection easily with nothing needing attention and nothing stopping registration.





The little Ute is getting used almost daily. I really love driving it. Not the fastest vehicle on the road but does everything I need it to do.


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