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Early 720 differences


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I’m looking at an 84 720. It needs to be lower. The Bell tech lowing kit says it fits 85 and up. What is different about the 84 that makes it incompatible? It looks like the spindles didn’t change.   

Also, the brakes changed mid year 85 as far as I can tell. If I switch rotors and calipers, will the later (and D21) front brakes bolt up? 

I've searched around and kept finding conflicting info. 


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I have an 82 also, I plan to update to v6 d21 calipers. This shows a 620 but same suspension as early 720.


I believe you have to also cut tie rod ends (shorten them) to have enough adjustment to use them.




Cut tie rods (d21 but should be the same) 


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I guess I didn't answer all the questions, if you buy 1986+ rotors/calipers or the V6 D21 2wd dual piston calipers I believe it will bolt right in, but I have never switched these parts around myself to see if the rotors are offset all the same after 1986.

Also SLO720 is right, the tie rods need to be shortened, Charlie once mentioned how much needs cut off of what but I don't recall how much needs to be cut on what anymore.

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We must have posted at the same time. From the thread that slo720 posted it looks like the caliper bolt spacing is slightly different on the earlier spindles. It looks like, in typical Nissan fashion, everything will bolt together with the right combination of pieces. 

If I pursue this project, I’ll take measurements and post them up. 

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OK, if you buy the drop spindles without the spacers you can likely find them as they are about 9/32" thick(you need 4 of them), if you use the spacers you can use the brakes you have now, they are good brakes and likely work just fine, I have used both the single piston calipers and the double piston calipers on my work truck and was not able to tell the difference.

I would post a photo but Postimage is acting up right now.



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Good information. Thank you. 


I see what you mean about the rotor offset. 


What is throwing me off is on the thread Slo720 posted. It shows the caliper bolt spacing to be different. That may be due to it being a 620 spindle? Or the guy mis measured? Do the early 720s have non vented rotors like that 620?


Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to get my ducks in a row. 

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I put the Belltech 2" drop spindles on my 1980 720 chassis that is under my 1966 520.  Yes you have to cut the tie rods. I am running 1985 720 rotors, calipers and hubs.  I did several mods trying to get the factory 14" wheels to work and finally decided to run 16" wheels.  I believe the Belltech instructions say to cut each outer tie rod 1/4" to bring the toe out in and be able to adjust it.  I cut both the inner and outer tie rods I think it was 3/8".  Now remember the Belltech instruction are for the 85 and up truck chassis and mine is a 1980 2wd 720 chassis.  I just kept cutting and 1/8" at a time on both the inner and outer tie rods until I had what I needed to be able to adjust the toe to where I needed.  The reason I cut both the inner and outer tie rods on both sides was because of the 1980 chassis uses a different center link than the later vented rotor chassis.  Even though the the early and later chassis us the same tie rod ends.  I wanted both the inner and outer tie rods the same length and this also prevent the longer tie to bind in the adjuster sleeves when trying to adjust the toe after the tie rod cutting.  The cutting is do to the Belltech dropped spindles. 


Remember before cutting a tie rod run a nut up on the threads for the purpose of cleaning any burs from cutting off.  I also lightly chamfer the cut end of the tie rod before removing the nut.


All the information is in my 66 520 build thread linked below in the signature of my posts.


This is how the front sits with the Belltech 2" dropped Spindles and re-indexed 1 click.  The are 2000 Isuzu Trooper wheels with -38 offset.



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