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2 Bolt Alternator Bracket Questions


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So I've dropped in an L20b into my truck but I only have the 2 bolt bracket. I've had..... some problems with it. One bolt actually broke even, which I will try to easy out this weekend.


Is there a way to make it more secure? I'm trying to get my hands on a 3 bolt mount but am coming up goose egg right now, so I'm looking for alternative solutions.


And help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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 Center punch to get exactly in the middle of the bolt so you can make the hole as large as possible without wandering into the threads. Think about it, a 1/8" easy out will not work on a 1/2" diameter bolt. You would want something like 3/8" hole and a suitable easy out to match.


It will likely come right out easy enough because to snap off, it probably worked itself loose first. A tight bolt won't allow the mount any movement to cause fatigue in the bolt itself.

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The problem is there are 3 different brackets, if you want the top one in the photo below PM me as I have a couple of them, the middle bracket I believe is off a 1980 thru 82 Datsun 720 truck but I don't know for sure anymore as I forget things over time, the bottom one I have no clue where it came from, I wish I had a few more of them, that one I am keeping.


What alternator are you using?

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