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So today I have changed my ignition leads and plugs, checked my distributor which looks ok. Car will fire but wont kick in and run. I have spotted this little plug by the distributor cap but cant see anywhere it will go. Could this be my issue ?. Any ideas where she belongs ?.



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The distributor wiring and the temperature gauge sender are probably grouped together. What's that black wire on the lower right? Where's it go? See if there is a loose wire in the bundle.


Black is usually ground. Maybe a separate ground for the distributor.


Do you have dual points? 


Is that the vacuum advance hose under the front SU?

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6CtgMw7.jpgmcdTZZX.jpgQk0pVGN.jpgThanks Mike. Lead to the right just runs to the alternator. The loose black lead in question is grouped together, other side is a yellow lead in the first photo above that runs below the top rad hose. below the other side of the distributor.


What do you mean by dual points ?.


what is the vacuum advance hose ? where does it sit ?


Any other ideas why she was running fine and now wont ?. She starts but wont idle.


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The ignition runs by having points that open and close turning power to the coil on and off generating a spark. Some have two pair of points to allow the emissions system a choice of advanced and a retarded ignition timing. Just look under the distributor cap. 



The vacuum advance is a small round canister on the side of the distributor body with a hose on it from the front SU. It advances the ignition timing in response to engine load (intake vacuum) with more advance with higher vacuum and less with lower when under load.




Does it idle for a few seconds and then quit? Or does it quit as soon as you let go of the key??? I'm asking if it only fires with the starter on?

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Whenever this happens it is usually because the spark plug wires were put on the distributor in the wrong order, this happens when all the wires were removed at the same time instead of one at a time, if you remember where the #1 spark plug post was on the distributor cap it will likely be easy, firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2 counter clockwise.

If you do not know where #1 post is on the distributor(not guessing, you have to know it), then you will need to start over, first you have to find Top Dead Center(TDC), this is TDC on an L20b, it may be different on your engine, yours may have a pointer on the drivers side and several marks on the crank pulley, the deepest mark is likely TDC.



OK, see how the first cam lobe is pointed to the right and the second lobe is pointed to the left, see how the second lobe is almost flat, if you pull the oil filler cap off and look down in the hole that second lobe will be pointed to the left and it will almost be flat, if it doesn't look like that then your not on TDC and you will have to turn the crank pulley one complete turn and line up the crank mark on the pointer again, look down in the oil filler hole, that lobe needs to be pointed to the left and almost flat, we call that 10am-2pm on the cam.



Down the oil filler hole it will look like this.



Now remove the distributor cap and look at which post the rotor is pointed on the cap, that will be #1, that wire goes to #1 spark plug, then going counter clockwise the firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2, COUNTER CLOCKWISE!!!

My engine is basically an L20b and the rotor will be pointed at around 4pm like in the photo below, your engine may be an L16, your rotor may be pointed forward around 10am, but what ever post on the distributor cap is pointed at that will be #1.


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