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90 degree firewall cantilever brake master cylinder bracket


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Hi all,

Does anyone know who makes, where to get, or the dimensions of the 90-degree firewall brake master cylinder bracket that effectively turns the brake master cylinder out of the way for L-series side-draft carbies using the long intake manifold and large air filters? I would like to make practical use of this bracket on my own 510. Many hot-rod cars and trucks use this 90-degree bracket on their vehicles with success. Thanks

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We went to import show in Canada last summer and saw this on a really nice 510  


We talked to the dude for quite a bit about it,, but in the context of using it in a 411 not 510







I can't remember what the dudes name was that we talked to,,  but ( i think) he said Byron made it and (I think) he said he is working on a few more..


Maybe take these pics over to the 510realm and more answers would be had .






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added (i think) because my memory is roached right now
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