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High heat paint


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Has anyone tried to paint their engine parts with rustoleum high temp paint? never tried before so not sure if I got a bad can here or if Im doing something wrong, but the paint was so watery it will run right off the  parts before it has a chance to dry. this is one and a half cans on this thing



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chebby orange is notoriously shitty for coverage...you also have to shake the fuckin shit out of it. from what i see i'd say you didnt shake it enough... especially with the orange you need to do thin light coats. one can should be able to do a whole engine.

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Check the can for the temperature range, it may only be good on blocks. Header paint survives only because it's a thin coat that readily transmits heat through it to the surrounding air. If thickly coated, the surface against the metal will scorch and peel off. 


55 minutes ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

  Be honest it all comes off.



This. It always comes off.

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The temperature of the paint, the part and the ambient temp are important with these newer paints. When it's cold out, I will walk around with the paint in my pocket for a while to warm it up, or I'll hit it with a heat gun. The part could be warmed up as well. Sometimes I use a heat gun the preheat the parts, sometimes I stick them in my toaster oven.


For high heat paint, I have always found it best to apply onto a hot surface, like maybe 150-200 degrees.

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As others have said,that looks like somebody didn't shake the can long enough.All the solids are stuck to the bottom of the can.Definitely heat the part (too hot to touch) before you spray it.Spray it and cook it again.I've had good results on a cast iron header and even the header on my ATV by putting the paint through several heat cycles before actually starting the engine.

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