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1973 Datsun 620


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'78-'79 and up 620 and '80-'82 had basically the same disc brakes. '83 up graded to much larger caliper and vented rotor. Unfortunately there is no way to graft the later disc brake onto the king pin trucks or everyone would have done this years ago. The lower control arms are different length between king pin and ball joint trucks so basically impossible.


It would be easier to cut the frame just behind a '78-'79 cab and weld onto the king pin frame. Torsion bars and everything forward.

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Maybe he has the front conversion already.  They don't work any better than drum on the rear. But discs are simpler, fewer parts, zero maintenance, easy and fast to change the pads and look cool. I sure wouldn't pay $300- $500 to convert but I might make my own caliper mounts and use Trooper rear calipers and rotors. 

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