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69 510 rear brake lines

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So in an attempt to install my coilovers, I broke my driver rear stainless brake line. Then in an attempt to replace it I broke the metal line going from said line, over the differential to the distribution block. I know I have several options. Bend your own already flared line. Make my own completely. Or find one. I'm just curious if anyone has just that line for sale...? Or maybe just buy the u bend it from oreilly. I dont wanna buy a kit for flaring, seeing as how I'm not planning to use it afterwards. Seems like a waste of money.. mostly ranting, but thanks for the help

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Unlikely you'll find one. A flair kit is $30  and you can always hope you need it again. Just pull the old one off and measure the length. Take it with your to check the threads and the  flair matches a pre made brake line and get the same or next larger one. Make any size bends around a tapered baseball bat handle. Use a rubber mallet to 'hammer' into place and form around things.

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