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Steering Satabilizer


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Has anyone ever had to replace their stabilizer? I guess I need to disconnect mine to check it. I have an 84 4x4 KC . I replaced the ball joints and I appear to have some slack in the steering on a power system. It's about an inch either way before reaction. The truck only has 87,000 miles and everything seems in good shape. I thought I'd see if anyone experienced a bad stabilizer and how the truck reacted. Thanks!


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He said the ball joints were replaced.


Yes on the idler arm bushing wear.


Another thing is steering box wear. There is an adjustment bolt with a lock nut on the box. Raise the wheels off the ground. Loosen the lock nut and turn the bolt in (IIRC) to remove play. Quickly turn the steering lock to lock with the engine off looking for any tightness. Have a care doing this as most wear or slack is in the middle. If you adjust it out it can be tighter a you turn off center. This must be avoided as it will just wear out the box faster. If you find any tight spots back the adjustment off. Don't forget to tighten the lock nut and check again.


Worn or badly adjusted wheel bearings can also introduce some slop.


Worn upper and lower control arm ball joints.


An inch either way from center isn't too bad.

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So I ordered an idler arm but haven't put it on yet. I checked the steering yesterday and the slack is in the gear, but the slack is to the left only. When you move the wheel right you feel immediate resistance and it turns without slack but anything back left has slack , I've done it from the steer shaft to the gear as well and it does it there. So does it make sense to have wear on just one side? Thanks

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With the wheels on the ground... if you hold the pitman arm and reach up and turn the steering column back and forth or wiggle it, you should feel any excess play or more play to one side.


 On the left side.  Is the left wheel bearing properly pre loaded? Raise the left wheel and grasp the top and bottom of the tire. Pull outwards on the top while pushing in on the bottom then reverse, wiggling it in and out. If any movement one or more suspension LCA ball joints is worn.      

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