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Datsun 620 wiper motor

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Remove the nuts securing the wiper arms and wiggle off. Unscrew the cowl and remove to expose the linkages. With care these can be disconnected from the electric motor and lifted out including the wiper pivots which bolt in. Have a care as the tiny nuts and studs are easily broken so try a penetrating oil on them. Once out, the plastic 'ball joints' can be greased and the pivots disassembled. There is a rubber sheath to keep water out and a wire clip that need to be released to pull the pivot apart and slide the axle out for cleaning. I liberally used a white molybdenum chassis grease for all moving parts.  The results were quite good as the linkages were dry and pivots were tight with collected dust and mold. 


The 620 wiper isn't the fastest wiper to begin with. What I found was that after replacing my alternator for a higher output in order to power high performance lights and a stereo the wiper and heater performed much faster! Before, at idle and low speeds, the wipers and heater fan would slow at stops and turn signals would cause the headlights to dim and brighten. The stock 620 alternator output is about 35 amps and much much less at idle. The new alternator was more like 90 amps. There are several 'how to' upgrade your alternator on the 620 .


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Thank you mike I will deffanitly try it.  Also I was raising my truck the left tortion bar was tightening no problem but the right maybe got 2 threads up before it stopped. Even with an impact ot wouldn't budge anymore. I still have about an inch of thread. Any suggestions and why the right wont adjust anymore?

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It's easier with the front end raised so you are not raising all the weight. There ares also two nuts with the top one locking down on the the one below. The top one must be turned up out of the way and the bottom one turned down. Tightening the top one down onto the other will just jam it.

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