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Transmission vibration

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Hello ratsun family so I have a question is there any good upgrade transmission mounts , the vibrations had damage the bell housing , I had to get my transmission rebuilt two times but luckily I had warranty 

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Highly unlikely the transmission or mounts are the cause. 


Pressure plate or clutch disc damage can cause moderate to severe vibration.

Damaged pilot bushing will throw the clutch disc off center and cause vibrations.

Driveshaft U joints are another or a bent drive shaft from bottoming out.

Is the truck lowered with blocks? Lowering throws the driveshaft angles out causing vibration.

Wheel weight fell off throwing tire out of balance, broken brake drum or damaged tire same thing.

The rubber doughnut isolator at the rear of the front driveshaft tends to rot away with age, allowing the driveshaft to flop around...


This is a good one. A bad one the rubber is gone or mostly missing.



The transmission may have just been worn out when rebuilt and the rebuild was done very poorly causing the second.

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How was the front case (or bell) housing damaged?? What was wrong with it? Counter bearing?

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When I first got it rebuilt they said the bellhouse  is cracked , and this second time it’s at the shop and they said the bell house broke again , I have a 77 auto transmission 

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Oh it's an automatic!!!!


The block has a hollow dowel  that one of the mounting bolts goes through. This aligns the engine and transmission properly. It could easily have fallen out and be missed. It's on the lower left (driver's side) The Nissan part number is 11022-2100  it's on every l 4 or six cylinder.


You can just see it sticking out at the bottom of the block in this picture. There is a second solid dowel sticking out at the rear just below the valve cover.



Another thing needed for proper alignment is the six bolt adapter plate that slips over the end of the crankshaft before the flex plate is bolted on. The torque converter center 'nub' fit's into it....






Either one missing would cause misalignment and vibration.


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 See if it vibrates first.

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