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Sleeving brake cylinders.


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6 minutes ago, Fetch said:

I have been calling around her in Spokane and cannot find a shop that will sleeve the cylinders. I remember reading some one out California but don't recall the name.

Anyone know of a shop in Seattle?



What kind of shop are you calling?

Brake shop, mechanics or a machine shop?


Any machine shop working on engines should be able to fit a sleeve.... I could see the size been an issue but if they can do the small end of a connecting rod why not a brake cylinder.....


My shop that does my engine machine work was also able install the bushings and hone to size for my kingpin front end because they are old school machinists, they dont really care what it is.....



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12 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

What if they are unobtainable? 



That would be unusual.


The usual is (now a days) replacement, but I have rebuilt them as well as brake calipers, master and slave cylinders. What usually wears out is the replaceable rubber seal. In the 70s our Hyster? lift truck brakes were leaking badly. $100 each for the cylinders. I took the old seal down to the local auto store and found that a 3/4" rebuild kit for an old Rambler looked the same. The fix cost $3. I honed the cylinder with my finger and some fine steel wool. Worked just fine.


Now if the wheel cylinders are steel and badly corroded or the piston has gouged the bore then replacement is the only option. Another is a different one that will do the same job.

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The brake cylinders are available, just damned expensive. They are all aluminum. I honed out the cylinders (they looked good and shiny, no visible pitting), put new kits in them and replace one rear one which is also leaking.

Just thinking while I am writing. Could the DOT 3 synthetic fluid I am using be the problem?

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Nope, picked up a jug of Prestone DOT3 synthetic at O'Reillys.

Some of the specs, could be the problem if the new cylinders are leaking.

  • Prestone dot 3 brake fluid is designed for today's vehicles with disc or drum brakes
  • Exceeds DOT3 specifications and provides an extra margin of safety in extreme breaking conditions
  • Suitable for disk, drum, or ABS brakes
  • Contains a mix of polyglycol ethers
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I bet it's the 'rubber' seals. I recently replaced a slave and took it apart to check for machine chips and to grease the seal. The seal looked like it was made out of RTV soft and gooey not like the old ones that were firm.

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Again, thanks for the feedback.

So, I have had no luck finding a place that will sleeve them. Something about liability issues.

The rebuild kits and new cylinder came from reputable companies in the Datsun world. I don't know.

At this point, I will drain the system and clean all the cylinders. Then just go with a (non-synthetic?) DOT 3 and see what happens.

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