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Re Chroming plastic trim


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Although it doesn't show in the below photo the chrome paint on my rear light clusters has chipped in a number of places. Not the end of the world but have any of you guys attempted to re chrome the plastic ?. If so what are your experiences of doing this and what product have you successfully used ?.






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With a car of that quality, I'd probably search for someone who could really re-chrome them. I recall a guy posting on here years ago about collecting parts to send overseas to have rechromed. Let me see if I can find that post.

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This is best on small parts but maybe spray into cup and brush on with Q-tip? Or model paint brush? 





Plastic is non conductive so not easily plated. It has to go through many preparation dipping and coatings before this can occur. 

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7 minutes ago, Draker said:

With a car of that quality, I'd probably search for someone who could really re-chrome them. I recall a guy posting on here years ago about collecting parts to send overseas to have rechromed. Let me see if I can find that post.


I couldn't find the post.. But what I did find is your best best is just to pull out your phone book and find somewhere local to do it. It won't be cheap, but neither is owning a car like yours. Look at some sample work of theirs, determine if they can meet your expectations. Good luck to you.

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Plastic chrome has been around since the 60's, used by many car manufacturers, including the British, so you might be able to find someone in the UK to do it......??  The process was not for the DIY'er, until recently, and looks like MattSheldon just nailed it above ^^^^^^^^^!  My suggestion is do what those guys say...........buy their superior product, cuz yes, most aerosol spray paint is just silver, NOT chrome silver!



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I always heard the trim on those lights were metal. I used Spaz Stix spray chrome on the my dash trim and it looks better than the Krylon or Rustolium spray chrome. Not quite Chrome but looks OK. You should have those taillights redone by a professional if possible. 

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The Coupe’s signature taillights are probably one of the most famous, and desired, parts that finish off the car. Unlike the chromed stamped steel frames that came on the sedan models, the Coupe’s taillights are cast metal, and were very intricate in their design. The lights were painted differently depending on the model, silver highlights for a base model car, and black highlights for the SSS versions. This was changed in 1971 when all the taillights came with the black highlighted finish. An optional sequential taillight flasher kit was offered in 1969 and 1970, but was standard equipment on the 1971 SSS models.


Optional equipment included a rear checkerboard badge that went between the taillight, as on 1970 Coupes..........  By Michael Spreadbury



Keep in mind this is a knock down kit car that was assembled in South Africa to avoid excessive import taxes on fully built cars. Plastic? Metal???

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4 hours ago, Payco said:

Looks impressive, do we know how durable this is ie is it suitable for outdoor use and durable for what I am thinking of using it for. Has anyone on here ever tried using it ?



Well, they are painting whole cars with it


Image result for alsa easy chrome"


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14 hours ago, thisismatt said:

Those tails are pot metal...

Thanks. realised that last night when I had a closer look. Think I will source someone who specialises in this to do the work although they currently are pretty good. Just planning the things that I want to do to get her as perfect as I can. Thanks. 

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There is a guy on facebook that restores grills and tail light bezzels. But I’m guessing you don’t want to ship them across the world to get fixed. Find a source local to you.

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