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521 with Air


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Just purchased another 521. However it has an option that I have never seen...air conditioning. It is complete under the hood, has the interior vent panel and a cool sticker in the window which I made my avatar. Will post pics once it is in the shop if anyone is interested.

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Here is the sticker that has been in the back window since new.


I will agree with those here that have more OEM spec knowledge than me that it probably was not from Datsun, but a third party vendor. It was a $210 option when they purchased the truck. None the less you will see once the truck gets here, it is a very factory finish if that is the case. I purchased the truck from the original owner and it has 44,700 hard miles on it. It also has a very attractive topper that fits the truck perfectly that they had installed the first week.



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44 minutes ago, DanielC said:

Two key works on that sticker.  "for"  and "by"


We are all anxious to see more pictures of this truck. 

Since we are playing word games, the "Datsun" in the middle could be key as well. It definitely insinuates as being approved. Regardless it has been a neat find.

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My 521 came from the dealer with a/c. My dad bought it new in 1970 at Hemet Datsun in Hemet California. The a/c with r-12 worked great. Never tried 134 in it. I love the way they installed the condenser, looks like they used a blow torch.

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Truck wont be delivered until February 1st, but will post full pics and start a build thread at that time. I leave for Dubai on Thursday and will be back at the end of the month. Seller needed to get stuff moved to get it out as well as get all the spares from his storage, so it kinda worked for both of us.

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On 1/13/2020 at 11:19 PM, DanielC said:

Matt, be careful over there.

If you are military, Thank you!

Thanks, Daniel.


I am not military.


I have been doing business there over the last 15 years. I have very good sources and friends there, so I am familiar with the peaks and valleys of the culture. Unlike what the media falsely reported a couple weeks back, the UAE is safe for pretty much all. The kingdom is pretty much ruled by the Saudi's whom are not currently fond of the Iranians. Yes security has been heightened, but there are no immediate threats. They have a very booming motorsports culture there. The drag strip was contracted by the Bandimere's of Bandimere Speedway and their road course is second to none. While drag racing is very popular there, drifting is really becoming big as well as the stanced look. Yes supercars are everywhere and I mean everywhere, however all heads turn when something classic rolls down the street.

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FrigiKing was one of the aftermarket companies that built kits for Datsun, ARA being another.  All were "dealer installed", was NOT technically considered factory installed option, until as datzenmike says, 1979 620!


Matt.............the 521 flatbed I just bought has an underdash AC unit.........couldn't believe it!!  I didn't see any components out in the engine compartment, but those parts are easy to deal with.  We used all current production aftermarket universal parts on a 240Z, including a small highly efficient Sanden compressor (we retained the dealer installed ARA underdash unit).  We used the 280ZX aluminum mounting bracket that located the compressor to the lower left.  Unfortunately, I think I mocked up that ZX bracket on a 4cyl & it did not line up.......was a couple years ago!



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