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Carburetor Rebuild


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I have a 1984 Nissan 4x4, xtra cab, and I want to get a kit to rebuild the carburetor. Most north american vehicles have the information (model, number,etc.) embossed right into the carb body. Early Datsun/Nissans just used a little piece of heavy tinfoil held on by one of the bolts on top of the carb for this information and I have yet to see one of those tags that survived. How do I know which kit to get.


Also, have a few spare carbs laying around, is there any way I can tell the smaller engine carb from the bigger one? Mike the barrels or something? Or are they all the same carb?

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The Z24 carburetor has a 34/38mm primary/secondary bore diameter. The Z22 are 32/34.


 There's really not much that wears out on a carburetor other than the fuel inlet needle valve and the accelerator pump. Previous owners may loose one of the BBs in the accelerator pump circuit. Jets and air bleeds can't wear but they can plug up with dirt. Gaskets might be damaged in a backfire. Settings go out of adjustment. . Just ask for a kit for an '84 720 Canada or Federal Z24. Cleaning the old carb probably does the most good, put your parts back in, and replace with the new gaskets, power valve, accelerator pump, needle valve and fuel screen. A good kit will have a cardboard gauge for setting the float drop and detailed instructions for settings like fast idle, choke un-loader etc. 

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