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my 65 320 build


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3 minutes ago, difrangia said:

Works for me. First pic here is the full size developed (bend deduction figured in) flat-pattern printed out full size and contact-glued to sheet steel. 




The bracket cut out and ran across the brake; Clecoed up for a fit-up.




See if it all fits together. Proof is in the puddin'.




Not tryin' to hijack your thread, man, just picked up on some of your methods and pointing out the importance of capturing other craftsmen's tricks and incorporating them into one's shop practices.

i am not offended by any means i think it is impotent  for people to share their experience with one another. and that is some very nice sheet metal work you have got going on  there


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well here we are....

i told you all i would update you on my build..... 

so here we go, the Datsun build has been put on hold for a while so i can focus on a project for my family. i built a shackle relocation kit for my f350 to level the front end  in preparation for this sweet cab over camper that a friend of ours gave to us. its time my family and i get back in touch with nature, things have been rather stressful here as of late .

i am sorry there isn't much to update you all on about the 320 but this is just how projects work out sometimes.

what i can tell you about the 320 is the next step will be designing strut towers.

it is a toss up between tubular towers and plate steel towers i am still trying to figure out witch direction i want to go .

i will try and update you all as much as possible when i get back into the swing of things .  

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