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Generator issue?


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Question for you all, had a new wire harness made tuned up and driving my 64 320.  Bought new battery and drove her for three days, then wouldn’t start.  Trickled the battery for three days and same thing happened.  Able to drive with a jump and get to where I needed to go  (2-3 miles).  Sent her back to the people that wired her and they said they can not find a draw and wired correctly.  How can you tell if generator is bad or going bad?  Any suggestion?  I have them going over it one more time before I pick her back up

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about 40 secs into the vid do this with a test light



Im not a Genorator expert but I would assume you  still get above 13volts when its running  14 max.. 15 is over charging.

a Gen is like pulsating DC current. its on off so fast you cant see it.


get a volt meter and hook it up to the battery and read what it says.


if lights get BRIGHTER  when you rev it up the gen is good i WOULD THINK, just that you have a drain.


do the test light test then pop a fuse till it goes away or disconnect the Gen or VR or relay as some on here says and see if the test lamp goes out them you found the drain source

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