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Good place to add a coolant sender on a SR20DE?

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Where's the thermostat on that? If after the thermostat it's no good and will only read something when the thermostat opens.

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You'll be reading nothing till the thermostat opens and then the cooled water coming from the radiator slowly becoming warmer as the system warms up. It will never read what the engine is at because of the cooling fans. Needs to be behind the thermostat on part 10 in the diagram.


The threaded hole on the other (return) pipe is possibly for the temp sensor that turns on the fans.

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14 is a temperature sensor already, thats for the temperature display or the ecu, removing this sensor could make the display not working or the ecu missing input. why do you need an additional temp. sensor?

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14 is probably for the air in the intake. The ECU needs to know the air temperature in order to compute the mixture.


8 says coolant temperature sender and it's in the thermostat housing. The problem is this sender probably isn't for a gauge. Again it's probably for the ECU to know how warmed up the engine is.

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