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Ratsun Search Function Not Working

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I am having an issue, and hope that someone might have a solution. No matter what I search in this forum, I get no results. For example, lets say I would like to search all posts containing the word LED: I go to the search bar, and type in LED. I went into the advance settings, and played with the options, still resulting in nothing: 






Even when I search the exact title of my build thread, nothing appears: 




However, when I simply search the word nissan, I get results. Is there something I am missing here?

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It used to work fairly well then got 'cranky'. Maybe with the latest forum upgrade.


The only time I 'meddle' with someone's post is to correct spelling in the title (embarrassing to have the public looking for something and find that) and to make the post more search friendly. For example the topic LEDs. When opened the post content is a question about dash lights for gauges not headlights or marker lights and the owner has a 620 so I change it to. "LEDs for 620 dash lights" The search should display 620, LED, dash lights posts not how to do it on a Roadster or replace your headlights with LEDs. Likewise if you have an A10 it won't show how to do it on a 620... at least till all other threads are shown and it runs out of options. Anyone who went to school should know how to spell or use spellcheck.  They should also know that a title briefly describes a post's content. A good title saves everyone's time. If looking through the forum and you see LEDs and think you'd like to have them for your 510 you don't have to open LEDs to find out it's for dash lights. 

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So, it seems like there are two solutions: Like what @67_1600 said, if you search for four or more characters, the search function works fine within the Ratsun site. Alternatively, you can use Google as described by @thisismatt , searching for results just from Ratsun. Of course we can thank the all-powerful @datzenmike for translating users' topics into english for the rest of us. Thanks guys!

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