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Datsun Days may be over.


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I was rear ended yesterday when forced to lock up the brakes (damn Texas driver came to a complete stop in standard lane because he missed his left hand turn).  Impact was all rear right side which shifted things by about an inch.  Enough to bend the rear frame bar, right side quarterpanel buckled some and it looks like the right side of the rear floor pan has moved an inch or so.


DAMMIT!   I will know for sure this week when I take it to a body shop.  Currently not having alot of luck finding a B210 body around Tucson.

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Heh, I ain't got time to bleed but had time enough to duck.  I am alright, no immediate injuries.  Next few days will tell as  to whether my back is ok or not.  Taking the car to a body shop tomorrow to get an opinion.  I hope I am wrong about the floor pan bend.  Maybe she (the car) is salvageable, if not 😭.

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  Oh, ouch.  Lots of anti-inflammatory drugs and about four days horizontal for the whiplash was what it took me to recover physically from a very similar wreck.  The paranoia about idiot drivers behind me may never fully dissipate but the first six months was pretty annoying.


  Sounds like you are deep into the realm of needing a new body tub.  You can fix yours by finding a rear quarter but splicing the unibody is really annoying and time consuming .  Unless you have a lot of time and/or money, by the time you find a good donor for the rear quarter that body is likely to be a better thing to start moving the good parts from your old car over to.

I wound up buying 2.3 additional vehicles to fix the one I had wrecked by some fool on his phone.


Good luck in your recovery.

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I was asked yesterday if I had any hitachi carbs.  Appears the guy needed the fuel cut off solenoid for his.  He just brought a 75 B210 out from el paso to tucson here, and said he would sell it for $500.  I am definitely considering it.  I think he lives in my area but I did not get his phone number....*sigh*.

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