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Weber idle hang up


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I've had it on for a few months and it works great but for some reason it won't return to the idle stop screw all the time and will idle around 1100. From looking at it initially it sits off the stop. However if you kiss the throttle by foot just right it falls to it, I have to look closer to see what could be kinked or something. Anyone had this problem? I bought the carb new from parts geek and it has the electric choke,

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Is it that pot metal DGV progressive ?

If so, did you buy it new, or is it a hand me down ?

They have a bad reputation of the throttle shafts wearing the carb body holes oblong, then everything starts hanging up.

But all is not lost.

Go on eBay, and buy 4) sealed ball bearings that are 12mm OD, 8mm ID, and 3.5mm wide.

Pull your carb all the way apart, all the way down to the throttle shafts out, pop the Weber shaft seals out, install the bearings in their place,

and voilà, problem fixed.

The sealed bearings take care of the sealing, and the shafts no longer ride in a zinc bore that will wear out in a few years.

In fact, if I ever was temped to buy a new 32/36, I would convert to ball bearings on the throttle shafts before ever installing it.


Sorry, won't do anything about the choke shaft wearing it's bores oblong, which also will cause the throttles not to close all the time.

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Before you start taking apart the carb linkage, simply remove the linkage to the pedal and see if it returns. It could be something with the pedal.  Did you install the linkage piece on the carb or did it come with it? If you did, maybe you got the washer/bushings backwards when you put it back together. Or something like that.


Could also be the choke linkage isn't assembled or adjusted properly and is hanging the throttle up just a bit.


If the carb is only three months old, I doubt there is anything wrong with the carb.

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Don't fix with a stronger spring, this just accelerates the wear.

Disconnect the throttle cable and see if this works. Perhaps too tight.

Disconnect the choke linkage, same thing.

Look down the primary barrel with flashlight... engine off. Open throttle fully and look for something caught on the throttle plate that is jamming it.

Accelerator pump linkage???

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The choke linkage is simple to remove. There is a poly sleeve that is retained by a spring. Push the poly sleeve against the spring and it will pop right out of the socket.


It is very common for the linkage piece at the carb to bind against the stepped bushing. Try some WD40 or oil. If this helps, then you have some binding going on there.

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I had a problem with my 85. It sounds like what yours is doing, tap the throttle and the idle comes down to normal. I’m running a very old Weber on mine. My problem was solved with a new throttle cable. Genuine Nissan cable, about $40-45 shipped to my door. Not saying it would fix yours, but your truck is about 35 years old.

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Thanks guys, I'll give her a look today and let you know.

I'm restoring this truck as back to new as I can and should be done by summer. I had a cracked turn signal and finally found one from Thailand a few weeks ago, Seems that 83-84 was the most difficult to find with black trim instead of chrome.

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